Broadlands to Shanghai Time

Broadlands, Virginia, United States of America

Tuesday Jan, 18, 2022
06:27 PM

Broadlands, Virginia, United States of America

Eastern Standard Time (EST)

EST is 5 hours behind Universal Time.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Wednesday Jan, 19, 2022
07:27 AM

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

China Standard Time (CST)

CST is 8 hours ahead of Universal Time.

Add 13 hours to Broadlands time to get Shanghai time

Convert current time in Broadlands to Shanghai time for the next 5 hours

Broadlands Time Shanghai Time
07:27 PM Tuesday Broadlands 08:27 AM Wednesday Shanghai
08:27 PM Tuesday Broadlands 09:27 AM Wednesday Shanghai
09:27 PM Tuesday Broadlands 10:27 AM Wednesday Shanghai
10:27 PM Tuesday Broadlands 11:27 AM Wednesday Shanghai
11:27 PM Tuesday Broadlands 12:27 PM Wednesday Shanghai