Berlin to NZST Time

Berlin, Germany Time

Friday Mar, 24, 2023
08:09 PM

Berlin, Germany

Berlin time (CET) is 1 hour ahead of Universal Time.

New Zealand Standard Time

Saturday Mar, 25, 2023
07:09 AM

New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)

NZST is 12 hours ahead of Universal Time.

Add 11 hours to Berlin time to get NZST time

Convert current time in Berlin to CET time for the next 5 hours

Berlin Time NZST
09:09 PM Friday Berlin Time (CET) 08:09 AM Saturday NZST
10:09 PM Friday Berlin Time (CET) 09:09 AM Saturday NZST
11:09 PM Friday Berlin Time (CET) 10:09 AM Saturday NZST
12:09 AM Saturday Berlin Time (CET) 11:09 AM Saturday NZST
01:09 AM Saturday Berlin Time (CET) 12:09 PM Saturday NZST